Monday, 26 September 2011

Another Monday

My plan today is to clean and organize and to stay on top of what Landon eats and where... This whold milk allergy thing was so easy to keep in line when it was 2 grown ups and the allergic child living at home.... BUT now that I have my loving little 4 year old home who loves his ice cream, cheese, chocolate milk and any thing else you can think of that has milk.  I am attempting to make a routine of eatting all of his food at his table in the kitchen where his sister cant come in contact with it, and wash his hands really good after hes done... Who am I kidding? this should have all been taken care of as he was growing up and learning his "firsts".  But he was my first and ofcourse momma was a bit more leniant then and will probably still be at times. Such as now, he had ice cream in the living room (GASP I know for some people) but to him that was normal coming from the tiny little apartment we used to have with no room to set up his table other then in the living room.  Also I am in need of unpacking and getting things back into shape after a very hectic trip home to Yarmouth where I got to meet my newest nephew Turner (who I will admit is oh so precious!) Laundry, cleaning, dishes, putting away clothes and sanitizing are not my strongest abilities.. just ask anyone who has seen my house lol.  So I guess this is what while come about today... *HOPEFULLY* given Mckenna naps decent. Funny to watch her and her brother interact now after he was with his 8 year old cousin for the past 3 weeks.  And funny to see how he is doing everything to her that he didnt like his cousin doing to him.  But I do love my kids and the time I spend with them instead of my house work is to me time well spent :) ♥

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