Monday, 7 January 2013

L A Z Y !

I havent been so good with my new years resolution to document everything so far have I?     *shrug*
I am here now to tell you why, I have been reading a friends blog @ reading about her girls, her crafts and baking its really a great read and she also does reveiws of books and other things so check it out!

Also I have been obsessed with which is a place where you search the web using your swagbucks account (free to sign up) and you get random points which then turns into being able to trade them in for gift cards, they have contests and ways to earn more points which I have been doing aswell. If you are going to sign up for swagbucks please tell them Shawna Payne sent you (  and I will get a few points aswell :) BUT you must also know about which is where you can find extra SB codes to get more points!

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