Monday, 7 January 2013

la tee da

Hubby's away, Landon's been up at least 8 times in the past hour and Mckenna is actually sleeping.  So many things wrong with this picture...

I just got done cleaning crayons off the wall. I only stopped because i ran out of magic erasers and baking soda, or powder? I cant remember which one its the one you put in the fridge, mix with vinegar to get the stains out of your carpet from you animal like kids and that guy you share a room with.

Any other tips on getting crayon off of the wall? I have tried commet-water and scrub brush, toothpaste, monkey doodles wipe solution, baby wipes, vinegar and water, oxy spray and so far magic eraser and that baking stuff works but it eats all of my eraser in that one spot of the wall?!? NOT TO MENTION that extremely noticeable clean wiped marks on the wall. We moved here in August, I haven't even had a chance to do spring cleaning and already I'm wanting to wash all the walls at 930 at night. OY

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