Friday, 4 January 2013

Just not my day...

Okay so I will full out admit and take responsibility and be an adult stating that I am on 'Happy Pills' after being so stressed with Mckenna's allergies, Landon's first year of school, Hubby's new/old job and not being home and stressed when he was it just got to be too much on this momma.  Call me weak but I went and tried to better myself...
Today is not my day.  I usually take my pill in the morning, I have found within just a few weeks even the first few days I noticed a big difference in my sanity, my nervousness and my patience.  I didnt take my pill today until almost 4 and this is after Landon has been home for an hour, Mckenna woke up from the first nap in over a week and is that 'I am so hateful because I napped' mood that she gets from her mother.  The fighting, whinning, crying, hitting, screaming and pulling of hair coming from all 3 of us (mommy not so much the hitting but the rest is pretty accurate) the telemarketer calls asking for information on something on the computer, which I have heard in the past is a big ol scam. Right after having the kids scream out their differences into the phone someone else cals looking for money. This is how the conversation went:
Me: Im sorry but I dont do the bills, thats my husbands job. He sets up all the bills in the online banking so that they are paid on time.  I dont know how to do that.
Crank : Well you have a debit card dont you?  Your telling me you spend the money but you dont budget it?
Me: NO I am the stay at home mom who makes no money of her own, so your right I spend my husbands when in need.
Crank: WELL I find that very hard to believe, Why in the world would he give you access to the bank if you dont put anything into it?
Me: Because its no longer the 1900's and woman actually have rights now or atleast in my country.
Crank: Well I need to know when an arrangement will be made.
Me: Well I cant give you that information until I speak to my husband and he is at work right now, making the money...
Crank: Well I still dont understand why you have access to the account but you cant give me any information, I need to know by the end of this cal whats going to happen.
Me: I TOLD Y O U I CANT DISCLOSE THAT INFORMATION UNTIL I SPEAK TO MY HUSBAND. Obviously if we had this amount of money you are asking for, we wouldnt be having to talk to your cranky ass in the first place now would we? hmm didnt think so. Give me a number and I will have him call you when hes free. 
The call ended in a very rude and loud slam in someones ear, and then the kids were fighting over netflix in the bedroom and the highest pitched screams you could even imagine coming from a 5 year old boy were streaming down the hall way just radiating in my head. I go to investigate and then Mckenna starts crying because even at just about 2 she is smart and knows shes about to get a talking to about beating on her dear older brother. This happens far to often and so she sat that and once again refused to say she was sorry. Then the door bell rings, a parcel that dear hubby has been waiting for for a few weeks and is very excited about. The kids once again fighting to get to the door first both sliding down the steps on their rumps to try and beat me who is now just about flying down after tripping over Landons boot that he left in just the right spot on the top step for momma to break her neck. 
Now is it just me or when things start to go to hell they all go to hell? I cannot wait to start a new day and hope that its better then this one LOL!
I guess I should probably get off my butt and go start supper for the rugrats, but just needed to *vent* first

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